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About Little Valley

We’re an independent RSPCA Branch dedicated to helping Devon’s animals in need.  Being almost entirely self-funded means we rely on generosity and support from our local communities to exist. We take in, care for and rehome dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, birds and ferrets.

We cover from Okehampton to Honiton and Tiverton to Kingsbridge, helping to rescue and rehome animals in the area. Some animals need our help because they have been badly treated or abandoned, others because their owners can no longer care for them.

We give them any necessary veterinary treatment and board them until we can find them a safe, happy new home. We also give advice to owners and, if necessary, help with the cost of veterinary treatment.

By donating, adopting or subscribing to our newsletter you’re supporting your local animal shelter. 

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Our Featured Animals


Hi everyone! I’m Spud a 6 year old Labrador Cross.

I adore the staff here and I am always giving them hugs, they gave me the time and space I needed and I now fully trust them. I must be placed in a rural environment away from busy areas, and a house that does not have too many visitors. Quiet walks in the countryside are a must please!

I have not had the best start to life, but I have now found my paws at Little Valley and the staff here are helping me overcome my insecurities. I find meeting new people and dogs scary and need to take my time with this! I am ok to walk past people and dogs at a large distance but do not like them up close to me. The staff here have taught me a ‘watch me signal’ which they will be very happy to show you (I am such a clever boy) this training will need to continue in my new home. Food is the way to my heart and if you give me time and space I will show you just how lovely I can be.

My perfect home would need to be in an adult only quiet household with no other pets or visiting children. It may take me a little while to gain your trust, but if you are willing to give me the chance I so deserve please speak to my friends here at the shelter.


This glorious little man is called Casey. Casey is a handsome 1 year old neutered white rex rabbit. This beautiful boy has been at the shelter for over a year now and he is so desperate to find his forever home. Casey hasn’t had the best start in life but he is now ready to start his new journey in a loving new home. Casey is a nervous bunny so will be suitable to live with older children, as he startles easily. Casey will need a home which can give him space and time to grow his confidence in. This handsome dude will be looking for an outside home, he will need to have a large shed/Wendy house with a secure garden to roam around freely! Casey, like most rabbits, strongly dislikes being handled and he asks for his new owners to respect this! This unique little man will also be looking for a neutered female rabbit to call his friend. Casey is looking for a fresh start in life where he can truly relax and be himself. If you think you can provide Casey with the home he so desperately deserves then please get in touch!


Introducing this wonderful little man called Dusty. Dusty is a young neutered male ferret looking for his forever home. This cheeky little dude will need a well experienced ferret owner! Dusty is an extremely energetic boy who loves to explore and climb and jump on anything! Dusty will be suitable for an outdoor home. This will need to be a very large spacious shed/garage/conservatory with ideally garden access. Dusty will need someone who can give him lots of attention to get his high energy levels out. He can be bonded with others however this will need to be a slow process as he can be very full on and sometimes doesn’t know when to stop. He will need lots of fun enrichment and toys to play with when you are not home! Dusty does get very over excited so will be looking for an adult only home. Dusty can get over stimulated and will nibble when playing but he doesn’t mean it to be mean, he just wants to play and he forgets we aren’t ferrets! If you think you are able to provide a caring and loving home, to one energetic boy then please get in touch!!

What We Do

RescuE Animals

We offer a safe haven to unwanted and neglected animals from many backgrounds including those collected by RSPCA inspectors in the Devon region.


We routinely microchip every dog, cat and rabbit that we receive into our shelter. This ensures greater traceability and higher welfare.


We advocate neutering pet animals to reduce unwanted animals pregnancy and better health and welfare for pets.

Rehome animals

Our goal is to find the perfect home for every animal we care for regardless of their age, species or behaviour.

Adopt & Foster

Without people to adopt and foster the animals we take in, we wouldn’t be able to continue being here for animals in desperate need. If you have room in your life for an animal who needs a loving home please consider adopting through us and give a rescue animal the second chance they deserve.

donate & help

We are independently funded and so rely on the generosity of our supporters to be able to help needy animals across Devon. Please consider making a donation and becoming part of our mission to improve the lives of animals through rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming today, tomorrow and in the future. Thank you.