Our Objectives

The aims of Little Valley Animal Shelter are to promote kindness and to prevent cruelty to animals by all lawful means. This involves rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of mistreated, abandoned, and unwanted animals; support for the RSPCA Inspectorate in the Branch area, and promotion of the works of the National Society.

Our Vision

Through the thoughtful application of finite resources, Little Valley Animal Shelter strives to promote animal welfare, prevent cruelty to animals and to maximise the quality of life for the animals that we care for in the Devon area  – creating a community where people value animals and treat them with respect and kindness.

Our Mission

We will be recognised both by the local population and by other animal care providers, as the highest quality and most comprehensive provider of animal welfare services in the Devon area.

We will be recognised as a high performance charity which consistently excels at delivering high levels of animal shelter and welfare services, and quality of life outcomes for the animals we care for through the optimal use of our physical and human resources, appropriately expanding and diversifying our services in a progressive way which is reflective of contemporary trends in animal welfare services.

We will be the charity of employee choice by establishing a track record in, and a reputation for excellence in animal care, and by cultivating a positive working environment which enables personnel to give of their best and to feel fulfilled and satisfied in their endeavours.

We will achieve this vision through the thoughtful and purposeful deployment of our finite resources, adopting salient business principles in order to assure a long term, robust and sustainable charitable operation for the benefit of our local community.