Adopting Through Little Valley

Thank you for deciding you’d like to adopt through Little Valley. We’re so happy that you’ve come to us! If you haven’t already, please take a few minutes to read our tips about how to prepare for a new pet.

We try to make the adoption process as simple as possible, working with potential adopters and the animals in our Shelter to find perfect pet/owner matches. There are a few simple things we do need to ask for though when we start the adoption process.

Firstly, if you are in rented accommodation, we’ll need to see permission to have a pet from your landlord in the form of a letter or email so please do get that sorted in advance to avoid delays.

The rest of our rehoming requirements are specific to the different species we rehome and are outlined below. When you know you’re still happy to rehome you can browse all the animals we have available to find your perfect pet.

The Adoption Process

Step 1

Register your interest

If you’ve seen a pet on our website or social media channels, and you think  you could offer it the perfect home, please fill in a Perfect Match form to register your interest. When we receive this form, we’ll access it and contact you to go over what happens next. Please bear in mind that we receive many applications some animals, especially puppies and kittens, so you won’t always be successful.

Step 2

Meet and bond

We prefer everyone to meet the animal they are interested in adopting before taking them home – sadly this is something we were unable to do for some animals during the pandemic  We’ll invite you to meet the pet you’re interested in, then give you a minimum of 24 hours to decide whether you think the fit is right.

Step 3

Collect and take home

The most exciting step for most adopters! Taking your new pet home is a wonderful day for most new pet owners. But bear in mind, whilst you’ll probably have been looking forward to it for some time, your new pet will be confused and likely stressed by the experience. We’ll talk you through the best ways to settle your new pet into it’s new home.

Step 4

Follow up

We follow-up with every new adopter after two weeks. But hopefully it goes without saying that we’re at the end of the phone or computer if you have any immediate problems or concerns during the first few weeks with your new pet. Please just get in touch and we can give you guidance on many topics such as how to calm your pet and make them feel safe, problems with toileting, whining or barking or difficulties with bonding.


For most dogs we will require a fenced garden and someone at home for at least part of the day. However, each dog is an individual and we will be happy to talk to you about your own circumstances.

All dogs are microchipped prior to adoption. Adult dogs are also neutered prior to adoption. Neutering vouchers will be issued for puppies.

Adoption fee: £150 (dogs) / £200 (puppies)

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Depending on the cat you’d like to rehome, we may require you to have a cat flap, or ask if you would be able to fit one prior to adoption. On occasion we do rehome cats who are used to staying indoors so please let us know if this is your only option.

All cats are microchipped prior to adoption. Adult cats are also neutered prior to adoption. Neutering vouchers will be issued for kittens.

Adoption fee: £80 (cats) / £90 (kittens)

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We encourage prospective rabbit owners to consider large outdoor accommodation such as hutches/wendy houses/sheds with access to a garden and/or a grassed run. Suitable minimum accommodation for a pair of rabbits is a 6ft by 2ft by 2ft hutch with an attached 6ft by 8ft run that rabbits have 24hr access to. This outdoor space should contain toys for enrichment and hiding places to allow them to exhibit natural behaviour.

We only rehome rabbits in pairs (or singly to live with an existing neutered rabbit).  Note a separate bonding set up is needed if mixing rabbits. Some rabbits may be suitable to live indoors as house rabbits.

All rabbits are microchipped prior to adoption.  Adult rabbits are neutered prior to adoption. Neutering vouchers will be issued for kittens.

Adoption fee: £50 (single) / £75 (pair)

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Ferrets are always rehomed in pairs or singly to live with another ferret. We recommend a shed/aviary style set up for ferrets living outdoors. The RSPCA minimum requirements are a large hutch (6ft x 2ft x 2ft) and a secure run (6ft x 4ft). Indoor ferrets will require a suitable indoor cage and daily access to an exercise area – please discuss with a member of staff. Ferrets are active and inquisitive creatures who need plenty of space and stimulation.

Separate accommodation may be needed whilst introductions taking place before mixing ferrets.

All ferrets are microchipped prior to adoption. Adult ferrets are also neutered prior to adoption. Neutering vouchers will be issued for kits.

Adoption fee: £30

Ferrets available for adoption >>


We have minimum accommodation size requirements for if you’d like to adopt a rodent. Click here to find out more about the space needed and specifics for each rodent’s care.

Adoption fee: From £5 (adoption fee varies depending on species – please ask).

Rodents available for adoption >>


Unless stated otherwise, we ask that the birds we rehome live in an aviary rather than a cage.

Adoption fee: From £10 (adoption fee varies depending on species and may be reduced if taking multiple birds – please ask).

Birds available for adoption >>

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are always rehomed as pairs (or singly to live with another guinea pig). We do not rehome guinea pigs to live with rabbits. Note a separate bonding set up is needed if mixing guinea pigs.

Minimum hutch size for guinea pigs is 4ft x 2ft with an attached run.

We do not routinely neuter guinea pigs prior to adoption but this can be done if required on veterinary advice or to assist in their rehoming.

Adoption fee: £30 (single) / £50 (pair)

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