After Adoption

We care deeply about every animal that passes through our Shelter. Which is why we are here to offer follow-up advice to our adoptees from the moment they take their new pet home. With a wealth of experience in our team, and an animal behaviourist on site, there aren’t many problems we haven’t seen and tackled before so if you have any questions or concerns, big or small, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We also know, despite our efforts to match animals with the perfect owner, animals are unpredictable and not all adoptions work out. So, if your new pet hasn’t settled in the way you’d have liked them to, and you think they might be more suited to a different owner, please let us know.

And rest assured, there will be no judgement on our part.

Advice if you’ve adopted a dog

It’s impossible to tell how long it will take for a dog to settle into it’s new home, especially if they have come from a background of neglect or spent some time in a kennels. Whining and toileting problems are common during the first few weeks as dogs adjust to their new routines but these can normally be overcome with reassurance, patience  and consistency.

For most owners, it’s not convenient for a dog to come with them wherever they go, and so the time must come when a newly adopted dog stays in a homes without human company for the first time. Separation anxiety is one of the most difficult dog behaviours to overcome once it develops so we recommend the first steps to leaving your new dog alone are taken carefully.

You can read the RSPCA’s step by step guide to teaching your dog that it’s ok to be alone here:


Advice if you’ve adopted a cat

Cats are territorial creatures, so being moved into a completely new environment, away from the smells, sights and ‘rival’ cats they are used to can be immensely confusing and stressful.

Because of this, it’s very important that you keep new cats indoors for at least a month after getting them home. If they aren’t give the time they need to adjust to your home  newly adopted cats cats get into trouble as they try to return to where they lived previously (which could be miles and miles away).

To learn more about how to make your home the best possible environment for your cat click here:


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