Hugh gets the royal treatment from Crown Decorating Centre, Taunton.

When our CEO went shopping for paint to refurbish our cattery, he got a lot more than he bargained for!

Rather than heading to a big DIY superstore, our CEO Hugh decided to support his local decorating centre when sourcing some paint to refurbish our cattery. After asking for some advice on the correct type of paint to use both inside and outside our cat pens, Hugh got chatting to the staff about our charity and what we do here at Little Valley. To his surprise and delight, they offered to donate ten 5 litre tins of Crown Trade Mould Inhibiting paint, plus rollers, brushes, sponges and dust sheets!


We asked Connor and Alex from Crown Decorating Centre to explain why they decided to be so responsive and supportive of RSPCA Little Valley …

“At Crown Decorating Centre in Taunton, our passion for decorating extends beyond just walls and homes. We are avid animal lovers, each of us caring for multiple pets ranging from the familiar to the exotic. Our colleague’s impressive collection includes leopard geckos, European eyed lizards, a chameleon, bearded dragons, ackie monitors, Berber skinks, snakes, a tortoise, and two (soon to be three) cats!

Our dedication to animal welfare doesn’t stop with our personal pets. We are inspired by the incredible work of Little Valley RSPCA, a charity close to our hearts. One of our team members previously worked at Little Valley and speaks highly of their tireless efforts. The dedication of their staff in creating a stress-free, caring environment for their animals is nothing short of remarkable.

Recognising their commitment, we decided to support Little Valley RSPCA with a donation of paint and accessories. This small gesture can help to enhance the living spaces for the animals, making their surroundings as pleasant and comforting as possible. We are thrilled to contribute to the transformation of their new outdoor areas, adding a touch of freshness to the spaces, where animals are treated like five-star guests.

Little Valley RSPCA cares for an incredible variety of animals, from dogs and cats to birds, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and many more. Their work ensures these animals receive the best care and attention, and we are proud to assist in their mission.

Having a charity that does such amazing work right here in our community made the decision to donate an easy one. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the dedicated team at Little Valley RSPCA. We hope to continue supporting your admirable efforts and look forward to helping with more projects in the future.

With love and appreciation,

The Team at Crown Taunton and all of our furry and scaly friends.”

We are so grateful to Alex, Connor, Steve and all the team at Crown Decorating Centre for their amazing show of generosity and kindness.

The paint was used by a group of volunteers from Exeter University who donated their time to help us with the cat refurbishments. They did a great job of painting the internal walls in our cattery, which now means they are lighter, brighter and protected from mould and damp for many more years to come. We are always blown away by the overwhelming love and support that the local community show for Little Valley. We couldn’t do this without it.

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