Overgrown puppy Reggie is ready to find his forever home.


We are really excited to introduce you to Reggie (or Reginald! If he’s being cheeky!). Reggie is just a big overgrown puppy but at 1 year and 2 months he’s tipping the scales at 50kg!

Reggie’s size might be the first thing you notice but his cheeky and fun loving nature will be what surely wins you over! He’s a playful, sociable dog and with all that weight behind him he can be strong. He has progressed an incredible amount since he’s been with us here at the shelter and his new owners will need to keep up his training in the home. Reggie is looking for a family who can offer him love, patience, training and who will be able to set and maintain clear boundaries to help him become the well behaved, delightful family member we know he can be.

This lovable crossbreed and has a heart as big as his paws and it’s just bursting with affection for the right family. Reggie loves dogs and is very playful. He could potentially live with a well-rounded dog who would be able to cope with his boisterous nature. He would not be able to live with a cat. Due to his history he wouldn’t be able to live with small children but we would consider older, sensible teenagers pending positive meets here at the shelter.

Reggie at a Glance