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Little Valley Animal Shelter is a small, independent local charity and we rely solely on the generosity of people like you in order to continue to support the animals in our care.

By making a one-off or regular donation through PayPal you’ll be making a real difference to the needy animals that we care for each day. You’ll also be helping us to prepare for animals who may need our help in the future.

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How your money makes a difference


Pudding is a Shihtzu cross who was found abandoned in Plymouth on Christmas Eve and nursed back to health thanks to the help of our kind supporters.

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Dotty came into the Shelter in 2019 as one of an unwanted litter of kittens. She and her siblings were upset and distressed by the move, unable to understand why their lives were being turned upside down.  Sadly this happens only too often, with people not taking the right precautions to ensure their cats are spayed or neutered at a young age.

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When we met Gypsy she had sustained a serious injury to her back leg. We were worried this injury would mean she would lose the use of her leg.  Her owners could not afford to operate so signed her over to us.  

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Bear came to Little Valley when his previous owner no longer had enough time for him. Unfortunately, many of the rabbits we care for and rehome come from similar backgrounds as people take them on not realising the time and commitment required to care for one.

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