Skydive in August

When is this event? 25 August 2024

Get ready to elevate your generosity and adrenaline!

Mark your calendars for August 25th, 2024, as we gear up for the most exhilarating event of the year: a charity skydive in support of RSPCA Little Valley Animal Shelter.

Partnering with Skydive Buzz, located at Dunkerswell Airfield, we’re offering you the chance to experience the highest skydive in the UK at 15,000 feet.
Your journey begins with a £50 deposit, unlocking the opportunity to raise a minimum of £395 and jump for free – with £200 covering your jump expenses and an impressive £145+ directly benefiting our beloved shelter residents.

With every leap, you’re not just conquering the skies; you’re championing the welfare of animals in need. Want to join the adventure?
Dive into action today by emailing for all the thrilling details.

Together, let’s soar to new heights and make a paw-sitive impact!

To register for this event please visit the following URL: →

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