Animal fostering is an important role. It helps to play a vital part in the rehabilitation of animals and helps improve their chance of finding a new home.  Many animals that we take in have either suffered or are not used to the care and affection that they deserved. Living with a foster family helps to provide them with one-to-one care allowing them to build up their confidence and get used to a normal lifestyle. Other animals don’t cope well in an animal centre environment, or need to remain in our care for a long period of time whilst legal proceedings take place. This is where we need fosters to take them in to provide them with a real home, even if it is only on a temporary basis.

Dog Fostering

Many of our dogs have separation anxiety so it is essential that fosterer are around for most of the day to provide much needed company.  Our ideal foster homes are adult only but we will consider homes with older children depending on the dog.  Many of our dogs needing foster homes will need to be the only pet but we do not rule out homes with an existing dog as this can sometimes be beneficial to the foster dog.  It is essential that fosterers have a secure, non communal garden and access to quiet walking areas.  We also sometimes look for ‘End of Life’ fosterers to take on older dogs with health conditions that we would otherwise struggle to find a home for.

Cat Fostering

Many of the cats needing foster homes are very nervous or find it stressful being in a cattery surrounded by other cats.  We also like to place cats with kittens into foster homes so that the kittens get the best start in life.  Ideally foster homes will have no othercats or dogs.  Some cats will require adult only homes but others would be fine to be in a foster home with children.  For fostering cats with kittens someone would need to be home for the majority of the day as both mum and kittens will need regular feed throughout the day. We also sometimes look for ‘End of Life’ fosterers to take on older cats with health conditions that we would otherwise struggle to find a home for.


As a fosterer we will support you every step of the way.  We will provide food, bedding, medicaion and all the amenities needed for the animl while he/she is in your care.

Please be aware that some foster animals may require regular veterinary check-ups here at the shelter so ideally fosterers need to be fairly to us (ideally within the Devon area).

If you have the time and space to offer a temporary home to one of our dogs or cats please complete the relevant ‘Perfect Match’ form and once we have received this a member of the team will give you a call to discuss the process further.

Interested in fostering an animal?

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