Lost or Found an Animal? 

There are various lost and found facilities and websites you can use if you have lost or found an animal.

The RSPCA is currently working with Pets Located, but other sites are available, such as:

You can also try to use social media to reunite a pet with its owner.

Facebook has lots of pages dedicated to lost and found pets – a  search of the site should find you a lost and found pets page in your local area. Lots of towns and villages also have local pages dedicated to them so try posting details, with a photo if possible, on those pages.

Twitter is also very useful in helping to reunite lost and found pets.


Tips if you’ve lost your pet

Discovering a pet is missing is an incredibly worrying time for any animal lover. We’ve put together some tips which could help reunite you with your pet, but firstly we’d like to encourage you not to give up the search too soon. Lost or stolen pets, particularly cats, have been known to reappear many months after disappearing.

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Tips if you’ve found a lost animal

We know that finding a lost animal can be an inconvenience, which is why we’ve come up with a few simple tips to help people who are looking to get a pet back to its owner safely. Thank you for having the animal’s best interest at heart.

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