Preparing for a Pet

Deciding to take home a new pet is undoubtedly one of the most exciting decisions anyone can make and we’re so pleased you’re thinking of adopting through us.

Animals offer so much to a household, bringing fun, company, and routine to lives. However, keeping a pet is also a big commitment and there are lots of things you must think about before you decide to do so.

So, we’ve put together a little bit of info which we hope will help you decide on the right pet for you, your family and lifestyle. You can also contact us with any questions you might have about preparing to rehome an animal.

Time and routine – what kind of animal suits your lifestyle?

All pets need their owners to give them time and attention to thrive. Whether that be the time needed to walk a dog, empty a cat’s litter tray or clean out a rat’s cage it’s important that you have thought about your daily routine and how a pet will fit into it. As well as the time needed to give the basic care animals require to be healthy (such as food, water, exercise and hygiene), some pets (such as dogs) need to spend lots of time with their owners in order to be happy. So, if you spend considerable time away from home, you’ll need to think about that when choosing a pet.

Money – can you afford a pet?

The adoption fee at Little Valley is minimal and anyone who rehomes an animal with existing health problems will have the option of regular check-ups with our vet.  If the pet you rehome is young and healthy, however, you will need to be prepared for vet bills as your pet continues it’s life with you. You will also need to think about how much you can afford to spend on food, bedding, housing and other costs such as insurance and grooming.

Other pets – will a new pet get along with your current one?

Like people, every animal is different. And despite us wishing they’d all just get along the simple fact is that many won’t. If you have another pet in your home you must think about how their life will be affected by a new arrival. Similarly, many of the animals we rehome have never shared a home with another pet so your home simply might not be suitable for them.

Children – are your kids ready for a pet?

Children love playing with pets but the truth is that not all animals react well to small people. The unpredictability, loud noises and quick movements that go hand in hand with a young family can upset and scare some pets, making then nervous and reactive. Especially as many of the animals we rehome have come from unknown backgrounds. That being said, many animals absolutely love children and will happily play all day, and if your kids are sensible and happy to be taught boundaries there could be no problem. Most importantly, we want any children in the home to be able to interact and be able to enjoy a safe relationship with their new pet. 

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