Rabbits Available for Adoption

Please click on the photos of the rabbits to see their rehoming requirements – please read these carefully before applying.

If you have previously submitted a Perfect Match Form please do not submit another – just pop us an email or give us a call and tell us which rabbit/s you are interested in!

We encourage prospective rabbit owners to consider large outdoor accommodation such as hutches/wendy houses/sheds with access to a garden and/or a grassed run. Suitable minimum accommodation for a pair of rabbits is a 6ft by 2ft by 2ft hutch with an attached 6ft by 8ft run that rabbits have 24hr access to. This outdoor space should contain toys for enrichment and hiding places to allow them to exhibit natural behaviour.

We only rehome rabbits in pairs (or singly to live with an existing neutered rabbit). Note a separate bonding set up is needed if mixing rabbits. Some rabbits may be suitable to live indoors as house rabbits.

All rabbits are microchipped prior to adoption. Adult rabbits are neutered prior to adoption. Neutering vouchers will be issued for kittens.

Adoption fee: £50 (single) / £75 (pair)

Interested in adopting one of our rabbits?

Please fill in the Perfect Match Form to register your interest in adoption.