RSPCA & Little Valley

Our supporters, adopters and donors often ask us how we are linked to the RSPCA and how our relationship with the national charity effects our work and how we are funded.

The simple answer is, whilst we are proud of the connection we have the RSPCA, and pleased to be able to offer a safe haven for the animals collected by RSPCA inspectors, we are, in fact, a completely separate and self-funded charity.

We are dedicated to improving the lives of animals in Devon, offering advice, microchipping, neutering and subsidised animal treatments, as well as rehabilitating and rehoming animals brought into our Shelter.

Each year we are grateful to receive a small amount of money directly from the RSPCA, which is collected in our local area by RSPCA representatives. However, this accounts for only 5% of the money we need to provide our life saving services. The rest is raised by Little Valley’s staff and volunteers in our charity shops, at fundraising events, through adoption fees and thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Our affiliation with the RSPCA gives us recognition, authority and regulation. It means we are governed by certain over-arching rules ensuring the quality of care and animal advice we give is second to none.

We are though, fully responsible for our own governance and management, meaning every decision made about how Little Valley Animal Shelter is run is made on site by our own Board of Trustees. You can read more our Trustees on page 26.

We are proud of this autonomy and will continue to run our Shelter so that it meets the needs of local people, local animals and their future owners, always remembering that we can call on the RSPCA for guidance as and when we might need it.

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