The Serenity Garden

Community & environmental project with animal welfare at the heart. We aim to create an enjoyable space for the public, our staff & animals.

Transforming nature to help transform lives

In 2024 we will be launching our Serenity Garden project which aims to complete by Spring 2025! The Serenity Garden will use an existing unused field onsite. This project aims to transform the field into a multi-use space that welcomes the community, commemorates the lives of animals, and increases the biodiversity of this area and encourages wildlife and habitat creation for many species. It will use native planting as an environmentally friendly way of paying tribute to lost beloved animals. At its core, this is a community and environmental project with animal welfare at the heart.


We are fully aware that this project will be ambitious and costly, so we want to stress that the funding for this project will not be coming from sources that would otherwise be used for animal care. All the funding for this project will come from grants, trusts, major donors and corporate funding. Applications will be made for ‘Green’ funding or other areas that we feel this area would be eligible to apply for funding. A number of events will be arranged with a view to specifically funding this project.
This project will not go ahead unless the funding is obtained externally from animal welfare.

Be part of the serene eighteen

We’re looking for local businesses and corporate supporters to be part of our exclusive ‘Serene Eighteen’ business club. Sponsor one of the 18 sections of the Serenity Garden for £5,000, and not only will you be supporting this project, you will also have an area dedicated to you or your business, be invited to events, and receive updates on the build.

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    The Serenity Gardens will give us a beautiful multi-use area which we can open to the public and encourage them to visit the shelter. Our hope is that by bringing people to the gardens that they will then leave a donation, consider adopting an animal or volunteering.

    We will also invite local community groups such as Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and schools who could do activities like pond dipping, apple picking or other similar educational projects. Maintenance of the gardens will be taken care of by a group of volunteer gardeners called ‘The Serene Team’.


    The Serenity Gardens will act as a tribute area for people to remember their lost pets and they will be able to do this in various ways, from leaving a small token such as a leaf on a memorial tree or something larger like planting a tree in our orchard.

    It will also be a way for us to thank people who have left us a legacy or substantial donations over the years. We want the Serenity Gardens to be a peaceful area where people can come and sit and remember their lost animals and spend as much time as they need simply taking some time out.


    One of the defining features of the Serenity Gardens will be a large wildlife pond which we hope will be an area where people will find time to regain some head space or reflect on stressful situations.

    Our animal care team may find this a good place to visit when they have had to deal with cruelty cases or after the loss of an animal in our care. It should provide a serene space and being near water is believed to reduce stress and anxiety and have a calming effect.

    Our contractors - Urban Earth

    “We’re proud to work with the RSPCA on this project. This space will provide a peaceful retreat for both people and animals, offering solace in times of stress.”

    Philip Yolland, Managing Director of Urban Earth

    Our garden designer - Elizabeth Evans

    This really is at its core, a community project. It aims to increase biodiversity, provide a safe and restorative space for the team and smaller animals at Little Valley, connect a group of people who might be at risk of isolation and loneliness and ultimately to provide a beautiful space, to come and reflect.

    Liz Evans – The Garden Planner